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About San Enrique de Guadiaro

The best holiday rentals, villas and apartments to stay in San Enrique de Guadiaro

The estates on the eastern side of the Guadiaro river, known as Los Alamos and Las Bovedas, were owned by Manuel Domingo Larios, Marques de Larios y Guadiaro. In 1887 Manuel created the Sociedad Industrial y Agricola de Guadiaro to control the citrus growing industry in the Guadiaro valley. The intention of the society was to exploit the land economically. As a result, the population increased and San Enrique was established along with two other villages further up the valley, Secadero and San Martin de Tesorillo. It was traditional within the Larios family for towns on their lands to be named after members of the family. Enrique Croke Larios was next in line for having a village named after him.

All three villages depended entirely on the citrus growing industry and later the manufacture of fruit juices. The Larios name will be familiar to many because, after 1916, it become more associated with gin than oranges.

During the 1930s the Sociedad Industrial y Agricola de Guadiaro was sold to a Mallorcan, Juan March. He was a Republican and used the profits of his company to help finance the 1936 military uprising.

The company was disassembled and sold off in the 1940s to individuals and small companies.

Today visitors to San Enrique can enjoy a meal at the Los Alamos restaurant or in a typical venta called, appropriately, Andalusian Restaurant.

In addition, there are the Ayala Polo Fields where you will find Cancha Dos Argentine and a la Carte Restaurant which is unquestionably the best restaurant in the area. Under the direction of Head Chef Rob Hibbert, you will find it very hard to book a table here from Easter onwards without a lot of notice.

Beyond that, the town provides accommodation for the agricultural workers employed in the citrus groves that surround the village. During January and February when the citrus trees are in flower the scent of orange blossom is almost overpowering.