Recently Announced Events

14 September

RSVP at La Reserva Club

07 September

RSVP at La Reserva Club

31 August

RSVP at La Reserva Club

24 August

RSVP at The Beach - La Reserva

16 August

At Chambao Beach Bar

10 August

RSVP at The Beach - La Reserva

9-11 August

Puerto Sotogrande

02 August

Santa Maria Polo Club

02 August

at Milla de Plata Hotel

Festival Opening

25 July

Santa María Polo Club

19 July

Chambao Beach

Rock Concert

7 July

Bahia Limon

5 July


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So if you want to be ahead of the game, plan where to go, what to do and see and keep all of your family happy and entertained, keep an eye on our What’s On Calendar of Events. We are constantly updating this to keep it as full and relevant as possible. However if you think we have missed something that simply can’t go without a mention, drop us a line and let us know all about it at [email protected]

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Last Minute Events

Last Minute Events

Recently Announced

Never Miss Anything! Sotogrande is always buzzing and moving. A lot of events are onl...

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